Our Approach: The Matrix

Number 1 inside an orange circle

Flexible Engagement first introduces the Individual Matrix to begin the process of “FlexEngaging”

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We use the Group Matrix to diagram issues of concern to a group or organization.

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We incorporate the Core Design Principles to further clarify how a group or organization is functioning, towards determining and implementing an action plan for achieving specified goals and objectives.

The Individual Matrix

The Flexible Engagement Matrix

The Individual Matrix. The vertical axis invites us to engage in “noticing” differences between “Outer” Behavior (the outer world of observable behavior) and “Inner” Behavior (our inner experiences). The horizontal axis invites us to engage in “noticing” differences between moving “Towards” engaging in valued actions and seeking to move “Away” from our distress. Each quadrant, summarized in one word, contains one of four “Matrix questions.” A diagonal vector of Flexible Engagement that can be imagined as extending from the lower left quadrant to the upper right quadrant reflects the way in which distress often accompanies “moving towards.”


In addition to the Matrix, our approach capitalizes on Prosocial to extend training from individuals to groups and organizations. The essence of Evolutionary Science is the creation and selection of new, more adaptive behavioral possibilities. This video demonstrates how Prosocial utilizes Ostrom’s Core Design Principles to enable groups of all types and sizes to evolve towards more Flexible Engagement.