Our Services

We offer advice and training in the application of Flexible Engagement skills and behavior to clients in corporate, non-profit and other organized enterprises.

Flexible Engagement can be used with individuals or groups in such applications as:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Change management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Enhancing team functioning
  • Supervision
  • Performance review
  • Career planning

Flexible Engagement can be implemented with individuals or groups by such methods as:

  • Sequential Training Workshops: Individual Matrix, Group Matrix, Prosocial — delivered onsite or online
  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • “Train the Trainer”

Case Study

A Fortune 500 “multinational corporation" (MNC) seeking to improve service delivery within and across the national accounts of its global clients.

Flexible Engagement training was provided to the MNC’s team of internal consultants, who subsequently began using both the Individual Matrix and the Group Matrix to improve how individuals are functioning within their organization and to enhance how the MNC is functioning internally and adapting to its broader business environment.

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